fetus ash gets me all gooey inside


5SOS Preference: “We’re Done”


i need to write more sad prefs.i love them. request them!!

Luke: You smashed your fist against the table telling the waiter to cancel your reservation since Luke clearly wasn’t showing up, again. Every single night for the past two weeks, he’d blown off your various plans to hang out with the guys, and you were done. You pulled out your phone, calling Luke, surprised when he answered on the second ring. “Fuck you Luke” you say as soon as he says Hello. “What’s your problem?” he sighs, and you could practically hear his frown. “You blew me off. Again!” you shout. “Oh shit babe I’m sorry, I’ll be there soon.” he says quickly, and you heard the couch he must’ve been sitting on shift as he stood up. “No Luke. I’m fucking done. We’re fucking done” you spit, hanging up the phone and storming back to your apartment.

Ashton: "Stop yelling at me!" you groaned and angrily ran a hand through your hair. "NO!" Ashton yelled, making you take a step back. You were arguing over nothing, yet again, and Ashton resorted to yelling, like always. “You know what Ashton?” you snap. “What?” he rolls his eyes. “We’re done. We’re fucking done. Over.” you say angrily, grabbing your phone and heading to the door. “W-what?” he whispers, tears welling up in his eyes. “You fucking heard me Ashton. We’re through” you scoff, leaving and slamming the door behind you.

Michael: "Nah, I’d rather stay home" Michael shrugs, turning his attention back to his video game. "Michael, you never pay attention to me anymore" you whisper, hurt evident in your voice. "You’re overreacting, like always" he rolls his eyes. "Excuse me?" you scoff and raise your eyebrow. He doesn’t reply and you sigh, shaking your head. "You know what Michael? You don’t pay attention to me, in fact, you haven’t even noticed I drastically changed hair colours last week! You never go out with me anymore! I deserve someone who loves me… we’re done" you say flatly, turning on your heel and opening your front door. "Y/N no! I’m sorry!" Michael pleads. "Goodbye Michael" you sigh, heading for your car.

Calum: "Calum calm down!" you sigh, annoyed and tired of fighting with him today- and every other day. "No fuck you!" he shouts. "Calum!" you frown and cross your arms. "Stop being a dumb bitch!" he yells, hitting a lamp off the table so it smashes and shatters against the ground. "That’s it. That’s it." you mumble, shaking your head and starting to walk out. "What? What’s it?" Calum asks, suddenly calm. "We’re done Calum." you say flatly, turning in the doorway to look back at him. "What do you mean done?" he whispers, an obvious lump in his throat. "You’re single now" you finish, storming off to your car.



fetus cake is the cutest


The other guys think you’re hot



"I’m gonna go take a shower, babe," you smiled, standing up and walking to the bathroom. As you walked out you could hear them all talking. "Woah," Luke said "She’s hot, man, how’d you get that?" Michael laughed "ha, I’m just lucky i guess," you decided it’d be best not to listen to them so you showered. Once you were done, you reached out for a towel; there was nothing there. Shit. "Michael!" You shouted, him running to you "Yeah?" "I forgot a towel," you chuckled, him grinning at you but walking out to get you a towel. "She’s got nice legs," you heard Calum say "Yeah, and i nice sway to the way she walks," Ashton added. Michael came back with your towel "Here you go," "Thanks," you both walked out. Calum, Luke and Ashton were sat on your bed. You walked out to the spare room to change in realisation that they weren’t going to leave "You’re right, she does have a nice sway to the way she walks, but, she’s mine so back off," they all laughed.


You were sat at the table drawing. You had headphones in to help with the creativity. Luke was out getting some food, so you were left with Calum, Ashton and Michael. “She’s so hot,” Michael spoke, you could see him from the corner of your eye looking a you “She’s Luke’s, man,” Ashton warned “but she does have nice legs,” Calum laughed “Alright guys, this is a little inapropriate, she is Luke’s girlfriend at the end of the day, but she does have a nice bum,” they all laughed, grabbing your attention. You pulled out your headphones and shot them a confused look “Something funny, guys?” you ask, pausing your music “Nope, not at all,” Michael laughed. You brushed it off and continued with your drawing. “Do you think Luke would share?” Calum asked, jokingly “No, i will not share, fuck off,” they turned their attention towards Luke, “aw, mate, we were joking,” Ashton stood up and playfully punched him on the shoulder “Stay away from her, i mean it,” Luke walked over to you and kissed your cheek.


"Woah," Michael spoke, nudging Luke and Ashton either side of him and pointed to the view in front of them; you, bending down chosing a film to watch. "So," you stood back up "We have.. Iron Man 2, Batman, Forest Gum and 10 things i hate about you," "Isn’t there more?" Luke asked, you placed the ones you had already down on the side and bent over fully, looking at the back of the cupboard. "Look," Luke whispered "she has a nice bum," Ashton and Michael giggled quietly, making you feel a little self-conscious "Man, I’d kill for some," Ashton whispered just as Calum walked in "Yeah?" everyone turned to face Calum who looked angry "Something wrong, Cal?" you ask walking up to him "Can you make me a drink please?" you nodded walking off "I don’t appreciate you talking about her like that," Calum sounded pretty serious "I mean it, fucking stop and get your own girlfiend,"


"man, she’s hot," Calum spoke "Who, y/n?" Luke asked, Calum nodded "Yeah, she is," "You guys are disrespectful," Michael mocked in a serious tone "She is a lady, a lady with a nice bum," They all burst out laughing just as you walked in "Well, something tickled you guys," you smiled, grabbing your phone and walking out. "How did Ashton get someone like that?" Calum frowned "I’d die for someone as hot as y/n," Michael and Luke agreed. "Have you guys finished talking about my girlfriend?" Ashton looked mad "Aw we were joking mate," "Yeah, well’ joke or not, don’t think about her, better yet, don’t even think about here, or look at her," Ashton spoke protectivly, you walking in "Hi, y/n," Michael joked, the look on Ashton’s face becoming even more furious than before "Let’s go," he grabbed your arm and pulled you away. When you were outside, he placed a kiss on your cheek "You’re mine, okay?"




I would just love 5sos to become All Time Low famous, not One Direction famous. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about swearing, and they could be proud showing off their partners to us. And have awesome merchandise that you would actually want to wear in public because it wouldn’t be aimed for 6-12 year olds. The thing is, I would just like them to grow into famous artists free and happy, not trapped by their own management.




She was mine, I was hers

Requested : Yes

Plot : Michael is faced with the loss of his long term girlfriend who has tragically passed away in a car crash, and is trying to cope with the pain that has taken over his heart and soul.

Word count : 973

A/N : I am very proud of this one, and I…



how does he looks SO perfect in the water? hOW




i think seventh grade was a dark time for everyone




My favorite part about the Amnesia video is the average-looking girls because like… I’m average-looking. So they could maybe love me one day. And that’s kind of a good feeling to have.


And I would like to congratulate Bolivia for deeming Israel a terrorist state




If you honestly think Israel is ‘defending itself’ I would like you to go watch the Al Jazeera news channel and see all of the poor, bloody, injured, and dead children and families. Oh please, protect yourself from the toddlers and children

ooh and it’s completely an accident that they ever hit civilians because it’s only a 70% civilian casualty rate



this makes me so happy


Just watched the amnesia video, I am not okay, at all,