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Guys we don’t wanna risk it reblog

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me: studies for 15 minutes
me: takes 3 hour break
me: i am so tired of studying gOSH

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They’re more than amazing. I love them. They saved me, more than anyone or anything could.

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AU: Ashton is your boyfriend, but over the last couple of days there have been a lot of rumours about him cheating on you. Late at night he facetimes you to reassure you that nothing is going on. 

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5sos-official disconnected ~

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AU: You and Ashton have been best friends ever since you can remember, but lately you’ve started feeling something stronger for him than just friendship. Now he’s away on tour and the two of you facetime a lot, when one night he makes a confession. 

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Your touch, your skin, where do I begin?



Title Credit: Sam Smith - Lay Me Down

Word Count: 3,119

Anonymous: Ash comes home after working in the studio and is stressed out so you start to massage his shoulders and back then things get heated

Between Ashton’s cold pink lips slipped out nothing more than a fatigued sigh as he removed the hood which sheltered his brown curls underneath.  Although Los Angeles’ promising weather had managed to stay at a breezy 70 degrees throughout the day, it had dropped tremendously after hours. Cupping his hands together, he attempted to blow onto the freezing pair with the little heat his breath could bestow. Based off his surroundings, noting both the barren and tranquil scenery outside the building, Ashton realized just how much he had overestimated his time spent at work.

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5 Seconds of Summer live in Toronto - 19.4.14 (Mine)

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I’m sure you had fun :/

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my audio, don’t steal

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what do you think about 5sos groupies?



alright I’m quite mad about this so here we go…
first of all, groupies are not cool. I hate groupies. it is not cool to hook up with girls you don’t know. yes, hook ups are totally fine! having sex with a girl once is fine! if 5sos are doing that then I’m glad for them. but no you fucking idiots don’t have sex with people you don’t know oKAY. that’s fucking gross and no one should do that ew. and then giving them free tickets? that’s even worse. we wait in the cold and spend our money to see you live when you give some random bitch tickets? please don’t do that okay that makes me so mad. I’m very disappointed with 5sos right now. and they bring groupies on their bus in detroit when I was there that disgusts me like I was waiting outside for 7 hours when you were getting laid probably less than a block away from me. they need to stop. and their groupies are fucking assholes too like stop making us so upset by bragging about having sex with the boys.

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why is it even called tumblr what does it even mean





We’ve hit the 4th wall

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i love 5sos to death. but they are so fucking stupid… i feel so freaking bad for the girls that were waiting outside the tour bus for the guys and then they see them bring girls on the bus with them.. i get it they’re teenagers. they wanna hookup with girls. by all means hook up with girls I don’t…

Don’t worry we don’t hate you.
I agree with you pretty much on everything. Just imagine seeing your idol taking a random girl into the bus with him, and then the girl posts pics. It’s heartbreaking really, they act so stupid sometimes and don’t think and I only say that because I care for them and worry about them. They need to get their shit together as fast as they can, because of not they’re gonna mess up big time

thank you so much! glad I’m not the only one.

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love being back on stage ! #STARSSTRIPESANDMAPLESYRUP. Australiaaaaa we see you next week for #THERESNOPLACELIKEHOMETOUR (:

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